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Panic At The Disco were promoting their newest album “Pretty. Odd.” They were headlining the Honda Civic Tour. All the lights went out, but no one in the audience left just yet. After a good three minutes in darkness, the stage was alit again and the crowd screamed.
“Uh, hi again!” Brendon Urie waved. He was alone onstage with only an acoustic electric guitar. “Yeah, just thought I would play the acoustic version of ‘Time to Dance’, but the only problem is that I need a piano to play the acoustic version. So, why do you guys be my piano?”
The crowd screamed in delight. A female from offstage could be seen smiling.
“Cool. The tune goes like this.” He whistled the piano part for ‘Time to Dance’ and the rest of the crowd followed suit. The female from offstage was constantly impressed by the way that Brendon could manipulate crowds like that.
Brendon smiled and started playing his guitar.
“Well she’s not bleeding on the ballroom floor
Just for the attention
‘Cause that’s just ridiculously wrong.
Well she sure is gonna get it…”
The female watched as the entire crowd sang along with him. She looked down at her shoes, both impressed and embarrassed by how these people adored this man just as much as she did.
By the end of the song, the crowd was screaming for more.
“Boy will be boys covered in estrogen…” Brendon laughed. “Sorry guys. That’s it.”
The female listened as some teenage girls started yelling happy birthday to Brendon. He waved up at them, smiling, as he walked offstage. He made it to backstage when he finally noticed the female.
“Oh, I didn’t see you there.”
“Most people don’t,” she smiled. “I missed you.”
“I missed you, too.” Brendon leaned forward and gave this mysterious girl a kiss. “I thought you were on tour with your dad.”
“We were here in San Francisco a couple days ago. I knew you were gonna play here, so I’m gonna catch up with my dear old dad on the May 9th concert.”
“That’s the one with Taking Back Sunday, right?”
“Of course.”
“Well, I’m glad you stayed behind, then.”
She smiled sweetly at him, and he returned the favor. “You never cease to amaze me, ya know.”
“Same with you!” Brendon exclaimed. “I never thought you’d actually get to see me live.”
“Am I the reason you got singing lessons and poured over your song lyrics every night?” She smiled mischievously.
“Maybe…” He smiled deviously. “In any case, I am pretty good out there, huh?”
“You were great.” She laughed. “And I like your new album.”
“Really now?” He was intrigued. “How so?”
“You’ve moved away from the whole Fall Out Boy Jr. thing. I swear, you sounded just like Patrick on your old CD.” She smiled with nostalgia.
“Patrick’s a great singer!” Brendon defended.
“Not live!” She challenged him.
Brendon looked as if he was about to argue, but he stopped himself, knowing he could never win a fight against her. “You’re right.”
Just then, her cell phone rang. She pulled it out of her pocket and held a finger up to signal Brendon not to talk.
“Yeah? Are you serious? You’re kidding right? No! Please? Come on! Ugh, fine! Bye.” She closed the phone in frustration. “I love you, too, Dad!” she fumed sarcastically.
Brendon closed his lips to keep him from laughing.
“What?” she asked, a smile pulling at her mouth.
“It’s just the way you argue with your dad. It’s like you two hate each other, but you are both so alike… it’s funny.”
She smiled sardonically. “Thanks…” She sighed. “Well, I have to get on a plane to New Jersey, then I have to get to wherever good ol’ dad is. So, I probably can’t get to your birthday tomorrow.”
“Aww…” Brendon was genuinely disappointed. He was very hopeful that he would be able to get a chance to get to talk to this girl some more. “Why not just stay? Disobey your dad.”
“Because… I’m glad he’s my dad. He took me in, and he didn’t have to. I don’t have to obey him, but I want to.”
Brendon laughed. “No, you don’t!”
She, too, laughed. “You’re right, I don’t… but still, I really can’t go…”
“Pete’ll let you in his bar. I’ll make sure you don’t drink anything, if that’s what your dad’s worried about.” Brendon would give up a lot of things for this girl, and if not drinking for his birthday was his price, he was willing to pay it.
“I don’t think that’s the reason he’s not letting me go.” She bit her lip and smiled at him. God, he thought, why did she have to be so responsible?
“Well, what then?” He threw up his arms in frustration.
“As if you don’t know!” she laughed. “Maybe it was the fact that it’s a party with many, many drunk rock stars, who have songs about sex, intimacy, et cetera that worries him.”
“He should know that none of us would ever do that to you.”
“Yeah, but I still can’t go…”
“I’m sorry.” Brendon looked down, disappointed.
She pulled his head back toward her and kissed him for a long time. “Happy birthday, Brendon,” she smiled as their lips parted.
Brendon smiled at her. “Thanks. Do you want me to drive you to the airport?”
“That’d be nice.” She looked down at her shoes, embarrassed once more.
Brendon opened the door to the passenger side. The girl scoffed.
“Come on, Brendon. You know better than that.”
Brendon chuckled. He closed the door and went to his own side of the car. When he closed his own door, the female got into the car.
“Thank you.” She looked content.
And as Brendon drove to the San Francisco Airport with one hand (the other was holding this girl’s hand), he thought about how Miss Micky Way had a way of making him smile.
remember this picture? haha. just thought you would like to see that smiling face again. lolz. it's dear old bendon. yes, i like to call him bendon! but yeah... obviously, the mystery chick is me. oh, and the time this takes place was the patd concert i went to!!! i just thought it would be a nice topic... oh wow! this is my 100th deviation!

This is a short story that is part of my fanfic Becoming a Way
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iluvgaara1997 Featured By Owner May 28, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Not that he isn't good looking in the picture, cuz he actually kinda is, but who'd of thought that a boy like that would grow up to be one of the sexiest men on the planent....?

Well, it gives hope to the rest of us average people at least! xD

As for the smily face I chose.... well lets just say one day that's gonna be me and Brendon....
A girl can dream can't she?!?!
mickyway Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2011
Haha. I know, right? I think it's a bit unfair that his sexiness snuck up on us.

And yes, she can. Because I can and have. =P
iluvgaara1997 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha, nice to know I'm not the only one, even if I already knew that(obviously, I mean he is a TOTAL Sexy Best!). I think I like this best because if a boy like him went to my hs, I would have a chance with him. And then he would grow up and be super sexy, and it's like SCORE BABY!
SaraRHCP Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2010
That picture is fudging amazing. I'm stunned. :D
The story's awesome too :D
mickyway Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010
Why, thank you. -takes a bow-
SamiiSykes Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2009
hehe the story made me smile

and it's nice to know that nerd can one day be the hottest guys on earth :)
mickyway Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2009
it is certainly nice to know that. :D i'm glad it made you smile.
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